Scott Jurek


—   direction, UX, visual design, copywriting

Scott Jurek is a living legend. We worked together to create a visual identity that embodied a personal brand three decades in the making.


A titan in the world of running, Scott Jurek’s career encompasses everything from dominance in the ultra running race scene, to passionate advocacy for vegetarianism and health, to authoring two NYT bestselling books, to a record breaking achievement along the Appalachian Trail. A true ambassador of the sport, Scott takes joy in encouraging people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and abilities to be active through his writing, public speaking, and consulting..

I worked with Scott and his wife, Jenny, to create a visual identity for a personal brand three decades in the making. Our design choices honored Scott’s competitive nature as well as his inclusive spirit and approachable persona. Through his website, social media, and brand partnerships, we maintained a sense of familiarity while creating new ways to connect with his global fanbase.