—   UX, visual design

Row New York teaches youth from underserved communities the competitive sport of rowing. I redesigned their website from the ground up to reflect a new generation of student-athletes.


Drawing from the values and discipline required to excel in their athletic programs, Row NYC equips participants with the skills needed to succeed both on the water and in the classroom—building a strong foundation for success in college, and beyond.

We worked with Row NYC to rebuild their website from the ground up. While keeping the needs of participants, parents, and volunteers at the forefront, communicating the organization’s work to donors and funders was our key objective. We made it our focus to highlight the rowers themselves by creating new ways to share their stories and accomplishments. Further, we also designed an online store to sell Row NYC branded products directly to the rowing community.

Creating a new look and feel through typography, while relying on their previously defined palette, the new site captures the feel of New York while holding on to the fun and youthful nature of its participants. Its imagery reinforces their mission to build better lives through dedication to the sport of rowing. 

code: Celso White

rownewyork.org  | rownewyork.org/shop

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