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#EverestNoFilter is a groundbreaking feat of expedition journalism and an unfiltered account of what it takes to climb the world’s tallest peak without supplemental oxygen. My team worked with Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards to bring their story to life. 

2017 Webby Award - Social Sport

2017 Webby Award - Social Sport


In 2016 and 2017, Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards chronicled their journey to the summit of Everest via Snapchat as a real time, unpolished "Snap-umentary.” Adrian and Cory exposed every detail over the course of four months of training, traveling and climbing. Their authentic enthusiasm, frustration, exhaustion and humor playing out spontaneously in daily installments.

Our team at RXR Sports worked with Adrian and Cory to bring their unfiltered story to life. Our challenge was threefold: produce and deliver a new type of serial storytelling to the Snapchat community, create relationships with traditional media outlets to bring their story mainstream, and secure relationships with brands that could not only fund but also amplify the ENF story to a larger audience.

WEBBY WINNER - Social Sport

CLIO BRONZE WINNER - Multi-Platform Campaign

public relations: Maracaibo Media Group/Fifteen Minutes PR
social media production: Coppr

Snapchattin Everest like it’s no big deal... Except this could change storytelling as we know it. #EverestNoFilter
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Everest No Filter: A SportsCenter Special

Samsung Five Questions: #EverestNoFilter


Implementing new satellite technology on the mountain, we were able to coach the team throughout the day—feeding themes to explore and relaying questions from a Snapchat audience eager to participate for each installment. The connection also allowed us to, tediously, upload and distribute high-quality assets to all of our partners.

We teamed up with Snapchat, Samsung, Strava, and Eddie Bauer to give our team the best storytelling equipment and platforms to tell the ENF story in new, unexpected ways. Our brand partnerships were not only crucial in funding the expedition, but through a combination of content and activations, made ENF a more dynamic experience. The ability to leverage the incredible content captured over the course of their journey via our close relationship with CBS This Morning, and partnership with Sport Center, brought the journey mainstream.


“The truth is that no workout compares to [attempting to summit Mount Everest without oxygen] because no workout puts you in danger of actually physically dying if you don't complete it.” - Cory

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#EverestNoFilter_2.0: Adrian and Cory's second season in search of redemption.